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Service Center


Thank you for select Teknova Medical Systems and enjoy our products and service including:

• 24 months' warranty for main units (color ultrasound systems) counting from  the  delivery date    
• service engineer training for distrubutor regularly 

• 7*24 technical support on site or online 
•7*24 after sales service by e-mail:

If there is something wrong with our products, please tell us the serial number of the machine and tell us some details such as the  phenomenon or send us some pictrues about it. It will help us do troubleshooting more efficiently. Thanks for your supports!

User’s responsibility for equipment management

Users (hospitals and clinics) should take responsibilities for the use and maintenance of the equipment.
Please do not remodel the equipment without consent of the manufacturer. The manufacturer does not provide warranty on any damages or malfunctions if the equipment is modified without prior consent. If any modification is necessary, please consult the manufacturer or authorized organizations in advance.

Prohibition of Equipment Alteration

Please do not alter this equipment without permission of the manufacturer. The manufacturer won’t be able to provide warranty service on breakdown or failure due to unauthorized alteration. Please do consult the manufacturer or the manufacturer appointed parties before any necessary alterations.

Necessity of Periodical Maintenance
[1]       In consideration of the usage and importance of medical devices, it’s essential to maintain the equipment in the best conditions in terms of safety and reliability. The manufacturer should not only do its best to control product quality in the manufacturing process but also keep the equipment in the best condition in the course of installation. However, safety and reliability of the equipment after delivery and installation must be maintained by the user on a regular basis.
[2]        Please perform daily checkup and maintenance according to procedures described in “Maintenance Checkup”. 
[3]       After signing warranty contract with the manufacturer or the manufacturer designated organizations, the user of the equipment is entitled to warranty services within the warranty period. If necessary, please contact the manufacturer or designated organizations.
When performing daily check-up periodical maintenance, please keep records of the date, time, person and serviced content.

Service, Readjustment and Discard as Waste
[1]       Service Responsibility
When necessary, please entrust the manufacturer or the manufacturer designated organizations to carry out service or readjustment. The service responsibility lies with the person who carries out the service or adjustment.
[2]       Entrust of Service
If any abnormality occurs, please turn off the power immediately.
Please inform the manufacturer of the abnormality and service personnel will come to perform check and service.
[3]       Discard
When discarding the main system or accessories of this equipment as waste, please contact the manufacturer or the manufacturer designated organizations.

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