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Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy


Corporate purposes
Best Vision For Life
Development Ambitions
Uphold the national spirit and striving for world-class medical enterprise
Enterprise product concept
We are pursuing higher quality, more reasonable price, the best cost performance.
Business principle
Take quality as the base foothold –To pay back the society with high quality products is Teknova's core mission
Take integrity as the way of survival - Teknova is willing to Paving the way with integrity, cooperate with our upper stream supplier, distributor, customer and competitor together.  Promote the development of ourselves and medical industry together
Take technology as the drive of development--Teknova make good use of talent home and abroad as collect rivers to ocean, and pay back the society with high quality products with good price and industrious, innovational talents.
Brand slogan

Century classical Tsinghua Unviersity
Casting world classical qulity
Likes waters clarity and woods prosperity
Several decades' polishes
Thriving based on its accumulations
Leading the digital trend of medical systems
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