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Founder of Company

Company Founder


Company founder Dr. Zhang Songgen:

  • Ø  1991 as one of government sponsored oversea students studied in Russian Academy of Sciences to study public school and got electronic PhD.
  •  Ø  May 2001 founded Teknova Medical systems Co., Ltd. in Beijing under the supports of Tsinghua Industrial Development Institute, specializes in the development and industrialization of digital medical ultrasound diagnostic system.
  • Ø  2003, presided over the development of TEKNOVA-TH digital ultrasound diagnostic system has been identified as the major high-tech achievement transformation project in Beijing.   
  • Ø  2006, as a principal of the Eleventh Five-year commitment undertook to the research tasks of full-digital color ultrasonic diagnosis system of national science and technology projects, 

  • Dr. Zhang Songgen’s main social part-time role include member of China Medical Equipment Association, executive member of China Electronics Association of life electronic council, executive director of Beijing Biomedical Engineering Society and so on.

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